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Steam Reaches 10 Million Concurrent In-Game Players for the First Time

Steam's concurrently online players also surpassed 32 million.

Alongside reaching 32 million concurrently online users, Steam has also just surpassed 10 million concurrent in-game players for the first time.

The news was shared by SteamDB, and it shows the milestones were reached on Saturday, January 7, where the in-game concurrent were at 10,082,055 million and the concurrently online users - those who are simply on Steam but not necessarily playing a game - were at 32,186,301.

As for what these millions of people were playing, the #1 game played in the past 24 hours as of January 7th 2023 was Counterstrike: Global Offensive at 1.08 million concurrent players. Sitting behind Counterstrike were DOTA 2 (766,096), Goose Goose Duck (605,694), PUBG: Battlegrounds (439,944), and Apex Legends (367,585).

The milestone was reached following the holiday season and the end of one of Steam's big sales. It also comes at a time where there aren't any major new game releases.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Steam has seen its record of concurrent users get broken again and again. The peak concurrent during Thanksgiving 2021 was at 27.3 million, and it has continued to grow and grow since then.



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