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Insomnia The Gaming Festival i70 TGG Update

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Easter weekend (7th-10th April 2023) we attended Insomnia The Gaming Festival i70 as Press and we were blown away by how great the organisers and the communities were. We do have a huge feature planned in our next magazine launch, but as you may know we are a small team and we have to cover a bunch of other things, so please do expect a full length feature this June alongside other things and Comic Con May in London.

On that note here’s a little run down on what we saw at i70, Well firstly the amazing indie games blew us away and after the slight overwhelming of being a kid again we got straight into the action with some amazing panels these were hosted by fantastic creators and were some of the best we have seen to date. On top of all that there was tons to do that being VR games and even Zombie hunting all of which we have covered in our article and even video footage.

We also met up with some wonderful creators we have previously featured too which was wonderful to see them grow, In the meantime check out our full recap video before we launch our special bi-monthly issue with all the news for you.



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