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Ghostwire: Tokyo is Finally Heading to Xbox Game Pass in April With Free Spider's Thread Update

Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks have announced that Ghostwire: Tokyo will finally be coming to Xbox Series X|S in April, also available via Xbox Game Pass. The acclaimed first-person supernatural action game will be hitting Xbox alongside the new Spider's Thread game mode with new areas to explore.

Additionally, the Xbox release will feature extended story cutscenes, a range of quality of life improvements, and more. Spider's Thread features a 30-stage gauntlet to tackle, selected from more than 120 handcrafted levels. The goal is simple: get to the end by any means necessary, unlocking new skills and earning in-game currency for upgrades.

Spider's Thread will also add new Visitors (Ghostwire's enemies) like the invisible Silent Gaze and “elusive” Retribution, with Akito and K.K. gaining new skills, such as Charge Rush and Counter Attack, to defeat them. The Middle School area will be among the new places to explore.

Ghostwire: Tokyo and its free Spider's Thread update is coming to Xbox Series X|S on 12th April, available with Xbox Game Pass.



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