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Crucial's P5 Plus SSD with integrated Heatsink is out now

On 27th June 2023 our wonderful friends over at Crucial released a very much anticipated new addition to their SSD range and that is integrated heatsink for the P5 Plus.

With cutting-edge technology and stability, the P5 Plus is perfect for intensive uses like gaming, video editing, content creation, and demanding engineering applications.

The P5 Plus which is a Gen4 NVME M.2 SSD now has the option to come with or without heatsink, if you are not too tech savvy then we would recommend with Heatsink which we will discuss more about heatsink below.

A heatsink is a piece of metal that sits on top of a computer chip such as a SSD or CPU and draws power away from components by letting it rise through a series of fins, by themselves heat sinks are passive meaning they have no moving parts.

A SSD can be prone to overheating because some of its components do produce heat, without the heatsink the heat generated by the components stay in your SSD which can burn or fry it. Heatsink is designed to absorb the heat coming from your SSD then disperse the heat away from its components making it a viable option when picking up hardware.

What makes the P5 Plus with heatsink so special is that it is now fully compatible with a PlayStation 5, although without heatsink is compatible with the PlayStation 5 it isn't as safe as with heatsink, with this being compatible you can now increase your console storage and not just for your PC, with storage capacity from 500GB to 2TB and the ability to game much faster with speeds up to 6,600 MB/S, this SSD is ideal for not only your new Gaming PC Rig but your PS5 also.

Crucial are recognised as more budget friendly when it comes to their parts with huge sales regularly on going you would be a fool not to shop with Crucial for all your SSD & Ram needs. If you would love to pick up this all new P5 Plus SSD with heatsink then you can do so below.

Also don't forget to check out Crucial and a range of their products here:



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